Death - Basil Hume

Death is a formidable foe until we learn to make it a friend.

Death is to be feared if we do not learn to welcome it.

Death is the ultimate absurdity if we do not see it as fulfilment.

Death haunts us when viewed as a journey into nothingness

rather than a pilgrimage to a place where true happiness is to be found.

The human mind cannot understand death.

We face it with fear and uncertainty, revulsion even;

or we turn away from the thought for it is too hard to bear.

But faith gives answers when reason fails.

The strong instinct to live points to immortality.

Faith admits us into death’s secrets.

Death is not the end of the road, but a gateway to a better place.

It is in this place that our noblest aspirations will be realised.

It is here that we will understand how our experiences of goodness,

love beauty and joy are realities which exist perfectly in God.

It is in heaven that we shall rest in him and

our hearts will be restless until they rest in God.

From the Mystery of the Cross

By Cardinal George Basil Hume.