New Daytime Dawning

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New daytime dawning, breaking like the Spring,

New voices singing, and new songs to sing!

Christ has come back, alleluia!

He is risen, like the springtime, say what does He bring?

Death in the tree-tops, Jesus cried with pain,

Hanging in the branches, now He lives again!

For the tree of life has flowered,

Life has filled the furthest branches! Sunlight follows rain.

The man of sorrows, sleeping in his tomb,

The man of sorrows, He is coming home.

He is coming like the springtime.

Suddenly you’ll hear him talking, you will see Him come.

Say, are you hungry? Come and eat today!

Come to the table, nothing to pay!

Take your place, the meal is waiting,

Come share the birthday party, and the holiday.

Look where the garden door is open wide!

Come to the garden, there’s no need to hide.

God had broken down the fences

And He stands with arms wide open, come along inside!